Gun Ring

  • Photoshoot.
  • Kyte video.
  • Tea Party official music video.
  • Estonian interview.
  • Tumblr ll3w2pwoPo1qcgioa.jpg Photoshoot made and edited by Vespertine.
  • German photoshoot to promote Love Is Dead which was edited by a fan.
Kerli has used it in interviews, photoshoots and videos. It was also on the Walking on Air and Tea Party music videos.

White and Pink Rose Ring

Kerli wore this in an Alice In Wonderland event. Up close we can see that it's very detailed and it's mostly made of pearl-like beads.

Doll Head Ring

This is a well-known ring among us, Kerli wore it in the end sequence of the Tea Party music video along with others.
Tea Party - Behind the Scenes (13)

Spikes Ring

This is one of the many rings that Kerli wore in the Tea Party music video. The ring can me fitted into the red glove, as in glued, for all we know.
300px-Kerli Tea Party 7

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