Integrity, Love, and Unity is a phrase used frequently by Kerli. It is the base of the MoonChildren. Kerli frequently uses the phrase at the end of videos, sometimes accompanied by the gesture. The phrase is frequently abbreviated to I.L.U. or "ILU" (pronounced EYE-LOO or EE-LOO).


Typically, when Kerli says "integrity, love, unity", she usually accompanies it with a gesture that illustrates a movement for each word. The gesture appears most notably in the Army of Love music video in the forest scene. It gesture goes as follows:

  • Integrity: The left hand towards the right shoulder and the right hand towards the left shoulder, making an 'X' shape.
  • Love: Both hands are placed together to form a heart shape, sometimes Kerli will raise all fingers besides thumbs and index fingers to display the heart more clearly.
  • Unity: Both sets of fingers make a gripping shape and grip each other, simulating linking.

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