In 2010, Kerli was interviewed by MTV Buzzworthy.

What was school like growing up?

Well, actually Estonia's school system is really really super harsh: so, we start learning English and everybody has to when we're like eight years old. It's's hard because the Estonian language it's so different from it, so it's like...for a lot of people it's hard to learn but you know, I started travelling a lot since I was sixteen so...I never, I think in English though, I pray in English, I write songs in English, I think in English so, when my mum calls me, I have to translate from English to Estonian but you can't say like "Write it down", I tell my mom "Write it down" in Estonian wich actually means "Write it on the floor", you know, so it's like, it's really, it's tough

Tell us about Estonia

My country got free when I was four years old, I was actually born in the USSR. But people's mindset takes a lot of time to change so everybody was still like very restricted, like very narrow-minded, like don't look outside the country; you know, you're not supposed to feel anything because everything is like very even, like really like restricted; you're not supposed to be too happy, you're not supposed to cry: like, my grandparents, when I cry in front of my grandparents, they still freak out, they're like "You're and idiot", I'm like "Why?", I wanna be honest, I wanna show my emotions. So I could never ever do that, wich actually made me escaped to my dream world, what you can see now in the video and the album art, so I had this images in my head since I was like really young


MTV Buzzworthy Interview07:08

MTV Buzzworthy Interview

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