The Obsidiian Collective (stylized OBSIDIIAN Collective) is a production company and an artist community, publicly announced on May 13, 2017. It offers music production, video direction, photo sessions, etc. It is based at the Crescent Manor.


Known members of the company are:

  • Roniit: singer and songwriter
  • IIZII: director and editor of music videos, fashion films and commercials
  • Devin Schiro: director, cinematographer
  • Ashleyn Joncas: design disruptor, artist, photographer, creative director
  • Shelby Parks: photographer, videographer
  • Justin Rosenberg: photographer
  • Caleb des Cognets: movie-maker, cinematographer
  • Bryce Rankins


A list of videos realized under Obsidiian Collective.

Artist(s) Title Type Director(s) Note(s)
Roniit Not Afraid Anymore Music video Halsey cover
Killstar x Roniit The Beautiful People Music video IIZII Marilyn Manson cover
Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland Book trailer Devin Schiro
Roniit x Trivecta Through The Night Music video IIZII
Roniit Through The Night Music video IIZII Acoustic version
Schön! Magazine To The Bone Fashion film Devin Schiro and Brian Ziff
Alone Architect Faded (feat. Dani Poppitt) Music video IIZII
Katie Burden Run For Your Life Music video Devin Schiro
Sabrina Claudio Confidently Lost Music video Daniel Behrens
Kerli Diamond Hard Music video Kerli


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