Saima (Journey Through the Fairy Land) is a song performed by Kerli that features only her vocals, nature and electronic sounds.

Concept Edit

I did this whole thing on my laptop and had a lot of fun recording all the water sounds(by my friends pool) and wind chimes outside my window. I wanted to create like a whole story where these people travel through thick foggy forests and finally get to this magical place where the nymphs call them to get in the calm waters. They sing "tule siia, kallis laps", which means "come here, my dear child", in estonian.[1]

Title Edit

It doesn't mean anything. It just popped up in my head so it became the title.[2]


Siiia, tule kallis lapis,
Tule,siia kallis laps.
Tule siia kalis laps
Tule siia kalis laps

Come here
Let me show you something

Here we are...