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Sound of Walking Away is an ID track from American DJ Illenium, featuring Estonian singer Kerli. The song was first previewed at Snowglobe in December 2016, before being teased again on February 12, 2017 at Crush SF. Illenium confirmed the single in an Reddit AMA:

Sound of Walking away is [my favorite song] right now. Its an unreleased song with Kerli. I’ve been playing it out at shows.
— Illenium

On April 20, Illenium announced that the single will be out on April 24, with also releasing the official cover. [1]


Note: not official lyrics.

I've been quite beside you,
Wore my heart in my chest
Feeling inside and spent the night to
But enough is enough

No, don't come find me
I won't be here waiting
I'm sure I can do it alone,
You're not worth staying

[?] but now there's no way you won't hear
There's a voice emerging in my mind so loud and clear
I turn it up like you turn me down
I'm not afraid
It [?], it [?]
It's the sound of walking away

It's the sound of walking away
It's the sound of walking away
It's the sound of walking away
It's the sound of walking away


Illenium at Beyond Wonderland 201701:31

Illenium at Beyond Wonderland 2017


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