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The music video for "Tea Party" debuted on March 10, 2010. It is directed and produced by Justin Harder.

Synopsis Edit

The video shows Kerli throwing a large tea party for her guests, who are dressed in very lavish outfits. It then shows Kerli before the party, adding a potion to the tea which causes her guests to turn into dolls which she picks up a places in a row on the shelf.

Creation Edit

The video was directed by Justin Harder.

Behind the scenes Edit

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Symbolism Edit

  • Kerli says "triangles symbolize creation, all elements, male and female."
  • The red and white symbolizes the good and evil, like the red and white queens in Alice in Wonderland.

Cast Edit

  • Kerli
  • Anthony Darnell Washington
  • Jessey Cinis
  • Perish Dignam
  • Sara Wells
  • Brian Ziff
  • Katt Lee
  • Kaila Yu
  • Natalia Iswara
  • Eden Muse
  • Theodore Johnson
  • Priscilla Taylor
  • Ana Lenchantin

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Video Edit

Director's cut

Disney edit Edit

The video's release was delayed due to Disney unacceptance of the video because of some of the content. That content was edited out and the video was released. Some of the content removed is one of her guests containing an eyeball in their mouth, various other scenes at the table and some suggestive additional scenes involving Kerli in the red outfit.

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