Kerli debuted an image (taken by Vespertine) in Harlow Magazine that featured a dress consisting entirely of toilet paper and in July 2010, she revealed another photo featuring the dress. Vespertine labels the image "Eau de Toilette" meaning "Toilet water" meaning perfume.

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I'm trying to rather observe and not judge. But when u look closely u can see a few similarities to my toilet paper dress and pop culture. Here are some pros and cons or however u wanna see it:

- It's recycled material.
- It's really well presented, lit and photoshopped to cover up for the fact that it has very little substance and real worth.

+ I look like I'm into it, so you will be as well ( When you really believe in something, others will too...which is how stars happen. It's just them believing at first, right?)

+ One can create beauty out of anything if they only want to. Home videos on youtube make people into real superstars. Good ideas have the value of gold and now we have limitless ways to share our creativity with the world now. Epic times![1]

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The dress took around a half of an hour to create.[2] Kerli's hair was done by Cassie Wanda.

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