Tokio Hotel is the band Kerli performs "Strange" with on the Almost Alice Album.


The band was founded by Bill and Tom Kaulitz, identical twins who lived in Magdeburg, Germany before coming to America. Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer are also part of the band, Georg plays Bass while Gustav plays the drums. Bill is the Vocalist and Tom plays the Guitar.

in 2003 Bill entered a Children's Star Search, but lost; then Peter Hoffmann found them and the band changed its former name "Devilish" to "Tokio Hotel" and they became famous.


  • 2005: Schrei (German Debut)
  • 2006 Schrei - so laut du kannst
  • 2007: Zimmer 483
  • 2007: Scream (American Debut)
  • 2009: Humanoid

Live Albums

  • 2006: Schrei – Live
  • 2007: Zimmer 483 – Live In Europe
  • 2010: Humanoid City Live

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