Brian Albert Cameron "Vespertine" Ziff[1] (pronounced VES-PUR-TEEN), born September 13, 1986, is a singer-songwriter, pianist and photographer. He takes most of the photos of Kerli, her girlfriend[2]. On April 27, 2012, he relased an album called The End of the World Suite.


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Ziff uses a Canon 5D mk II with "a lot of extremely expensive lenses[3]" while incorporating image manipulation (i.e. Photoshop). While he takes pictures of Kerli, he also seems to take lots of photos of himself shirtless, showing his sexy abs and chests. He hopes that by doing this, it'll inspire boys to jerk off to his sexy pictures.


Brian, on his YouTube channel, used to post live performances of his songs and such as Little Photo Spy and The Trial; on April 27, 2012, he relased an album called The End of the World Suite, that include eleven original songs. On May 2, Ziff published a kind of teaser called The End of the World Suite, saying that it contains clips from the upcoming video for Save Our Souls. However, the music video for the songs it's not out yet.

Relationship with Kerli

When asked, Kerli described their relationship:

We're friends with benefits. The benefits being - He takes my pictures and I cook for him
— Kerli[4]

In 2016, in the interview Kerli did with Pop Crush (here), the introduction says "before turning to her boyfriend, Brian, to talk about the music.[2]" and, on her Instagram account published a photo of white roses, writing:

Instagram July 14,2016
Feeling spoiled💕✨🌙 #bestboyfriend #713

and after removing the #713. It's known that the K713 it's used by Kerli and Brian and the 713 only referring about Brian. So, even if neither Kerli nor Brian said it officially, they're a couple.


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