"What's REALLY Going On" is the title of a video posted on Kerli's YouTube channel on December 10, 2011. The video features Kerli and Vespertine holding up handwritten messages about bullying on index cards. The video is presumably a response to a video on YouTube titled "Whats goin on.." posted on August 10, 2011. The video features a boy named Jonah doing a similar video, holding up index cards which detailed him being bullied at school.

As stated in the video's description, the song featured in the video is an original track by Vespertine titled "The End of the World".


The messages on the cards went as follows:

  • Vespertine: Hi...
  • Kerli: We're Vespertine and Kerli.
  • Vespertine: We look happy, right?
  • Kerli: That's because generally, we are.
  • Vespertine: We were bullied in high school.
  • Kerli: (pretty much everybody who wasn't a bully, was bullied in high school)
  • Kerli: I cried everyday and used to cut myself.
  • Kerli: I still have scars.
  • Vespertine: They look gross.
  • Kerli: To all the kids who are getting bullied:
  • Vespertine: You will get through this.
  • Kerli: It gets better.
  • Vespertine: At a point, being smart and sensitive stops getting you beat up...
  • Kerli: ...and starts getting you laid.
  • Kerli: You may even become a pop star...
  • Kerli: and write great songs about being in pain.
  • Vespertine: And when we get hungry, writing songs in the middle of the night...
  • Kerli: The people who used to treat us like shit...
  • Vespertine: are the ones delivering our pizza.
  • Kerli: It sounds like a cliché...
  • Vespertine: but all of this stuff will make you stronger.
  • Vespertine: Stay beautiful.
  • Vespertine: Integrity, love, unity.

The video


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